Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines Day

Brooklyn's bag from preschool

My cute little Parker Boy!

Ashlyn's darling bag she made at school to put Valentines in!

I did heart braids in their hair  too! 
Me and Parker with his monster Valentines box!
Valentines Day! The kids got to wake up with a surprise of a new Valentines outfit then they were off to school! Yesterday at Parker's Mom and Me Cooking class we did a little Valentines Party too. We made scones and gave out our Valentines. I was also able to help at both of their parties which was so much fun. Brooklyn's was first..those cute little preschoolers are just too cute! They played fun games and we made love floats for their treat! They loved it! Then off to Ashlyn's party after lunch. We did similar things at her party just added a craft which that's what I got to help out with and we made valentines. When we got home I had a craft for them to do we made conversation hearts and got to write the little notes on them, the kiddos loved it! My sweetheart surprised me with some beautiful flowers!! I was surprised because we agreed to not get each other anything and then I walked in from one of the girls parties and he had secretively put them on the table while I was gone!  So our family tradition for dinner on Valentines Day is fondue. So this year I made a cheesy fiesta fondue and we dipped chips and french bread into it and then an alfredo fondue and we dipper chicken and ravioli in it. Then dessert was a chocolate fondue with strawberries, brownies, bananas, and rice crispie treats..but we were all pretty stuffed from dinner to eat the dessert. Then we got our little love bugs a little something that they could open after dinner. The girls each got a friends lego set and Parker got his very own real basket ball! It was sure a fun filled Valentines day!