Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Craziest Two Weeks of Our Lives!

So this has been the craziest month EVER! After we got back from Cancun it's been non stop planning and packing and busy. busy everyday! While we were gone the kids were all sick and unfortunately gave it to me. So luckily we got all the sickness out of our systems right away. Ever since we got back these last two weeks have been crazy! So here is a ridiculous long post of what we have been up to with some pictures included...

Ashlyn has been working on tying lately and while we were gone in Mexico Grandma Read helped her to master tying her shoe laces. She doesn't wear very many shoes with laces, but luckily she has some little aprons to learn on. She does such a great job--one step closer to going to Kindergarten next year! 

Parker is learning to wave 'hi.' It's so cute he gets so excited! He turned 8 months old on the 24th.  I just can't believe it, time is going by so fast! He is also starting to rock back and forth on his arms and legs so I know soon he will be moving around like crazy. He can say dada, but when I tell him to say mama he laughs at me. So we will work on that one! :)

Waiting to start the dental procedure...a little scared.

So cute all ready to get her special treat for being so good!

Brooklyn went to the hospital to get all 8, yes EIGHT, cavities filled. She came out with 3 beautiful silver "princess crowns," five normal cavities filled, and her teeth cleaned. She wanted her Daddy to take her--which we let her choose.  I was waiting at home and was a nervous wreck! But I knew she would be just fine, especially knowing Brandon was there to take care of her. She did so well! And was so proud of herself. After she got home we took her to pick out a special treat at the disney store. She was so cute picking out her new doll! 

Then we celebrated a little birthday party for Ashlyn so Daddy could see her open her present, since he won't be in Boise with us for her "real" birthday and celebration. She was so excited to get a new big girl bike! She rode it around inside (since it was raining outside) it was cute! :)

Loved it for just a minute, but was unsure the longer she was riding the pony.

Thanks Grandpa for taking us!

Ashlyn posing and loving it!

My dad came into town to help us pack up and move. We had so much fun with him. The first day he was there we played tons! We took the kids to Thanksgiving Point to the farm and rode the horses, fed all the animals, and went on a carriage ride. The girls loved it so much! Then we all went to Spaghetti Factory for an early birthday dinner for me, and then went home and had some fun opening up a crazy little addiction we all share....disney vinylmations! It was a really fun day!

Thanks Grandma Read for their beautiful dresses!

Happy Easter! The kids were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny came to visit them. He left a trail of jelly beans from the door to their easter baskets. When Ashlyn saw the trail she said, "He does poop out jelly beans...I knew it!" I assume from watching the movie HOP that just came out. So funny. They all looked so adorable in their new easter church outfits! Then later that day in the midst of moving, we decorated Easter eggs on the kitchen floor. Happy Easter! 

I still can't believe my dad got it all to fit in the car!

Then we packed all our things up and moved!!! Yep we did.  No, we don't have a place yet, so we moved into a storage unit until I find a house. It was so much fun--for last 2 nights, while moving everything out, we all had a big slumber party in the family room on matresses. Good times! :) We will be spending the summer in Fort Collins, CO for a job Brandon got, then going back to Utah in August for school. It will be a fun adventure this summer.  I am excited! Brandon left on Monday for Colorado and we left for Boise to spend some time with the family before we head out to meet up with Brandon. A HUGE thanks to my dad who helped us get all our things into storage and then pack up my car and drive with me and the kids up to Boise! He is one amazing dad! :) And that is the end of our crazy two weeks! Thanks goodness I can now relax and spend some good time in Boise with my family and friends!

Cancun Was Perfect

It all started Brandon and I got to go get away for a little over a week and go to Cancun, Mexico!! It was so much fun! We stayed this amazing place, Live Aqua, it seriously smelt like a spa through the whole resort. We love every minute of being together and spending some good time together. We actually had time to have a conversation without being interrupted or distracted with the kiddos. It was a very much needed get-away! We had a blast with our good friends Doug and Kara who came with us. Great times watching the boys "googling" for sea shells for the kids, stories from back in the day, relaxation, tons of AWESOME food, a little (ok a lot) of sun and yes we got roasted, and a perfect setting for it all on the beach! We did a day at the spa and had a couples massage outside in a little tiki hut...it was perfect!! Can't wait to go back! :) Thanks dear for planning this trip and for being such an amazing husband and best friend! I love spending time with you! I love you!

The Makka is actually trained to pose for the picture!

Our Resort...just perfect!

Our tiki huts in the out door spa area

This is inside the tiki hut where we had our massages

Me and my sweet husband in the infinity pool next to the beach! Love you babe!

April Fools Day!

April Fools Day - I thought it would be funny to pull a prank on Brandon. I have to set this up a little bit he has been talking about our next child and when he wants to have it, I keep telling him lets enjoy this baby first before we have another. :)  So I got a pregnancy test that showed negative (yep I even peed on it sorry TMI) and put a paper saying "April Fools" then put it back in the box, wrapped it up all pretty. Brandon got home from school I said I have a present and he was all excited. I gave it to him, he shook it and said "Is this a pregnancy test?!" I said just open it and when he opened I was just waiting for his reaction! He looked at it and yes he got a little excited then nervous for what I was going to do if we were...then took the test out and was totally surprised that I pulled something like that off! Hahaha Happy April Fools!! :)