Saturday, October 23, 2010

Parker's Blessing and Boise Fun!

My cute boys!
The best we could do of the family

Parker in his blessing outfit! (Isn't it awesome?! Jennifer made him it!)

Ashlyn at the Farmstead Festival

Brooklyn loving riding a horse!
The girls loving the cow train!
On October 10th we blessed Parker Brandon Read. It was so wonderful to be able to go up to Boise and share this wonderful day with our entire family. Jennifer offered so kindly to make his blessing outfit, she is amazing at what she can do! She ended up writing her own pattern for the outfit and whipped it up in 6 days!! Thanks so much Jennifer you are amazing and the outfit is just darling!! It was such a beautiful day for his blessing. When we blessed him it was just so great that all of our family was able to make it. I am so grateful to have the priesthood in my home and to be able to have my children have it in their lives also. Thank you dear for a beautiful blessing and a wonderful father to our children! I am very thankful my Grandpa was able to come who ended up with pneumonia and in the hospital the next day...luckily he has been so healthy that he took to the medication quickly and is on a great recovery.

The next week Brandon went to Washington DC for school so the kids and I decided to just stay in Boise and play with family and friends. We had such a fun time! From all our lunch dates, playing with family, to girls night out with my mom and sisters was just too much fun! We had a hard time leaving that's for sure. Thank you dad also for driving me and the kiddos back down to Boise ( I was way to scared to drive that whole way with 3 kids...yes I am a worry wart). We love Boise and everyone there, it was so nice to see everyone!