Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Brookie Boo!!

Our Birthday Girl!
The tea party all ready for some fun!
The yummy food :)

She got a bike and it has a baby basket on the front just perfect for her!

The kiddos


All the kids with their babies

Brooklyn is now a big 4 year old!! Where has the time gone?! She is growing up so fast and becoming one darling and sweet little girl. Each day I can't wait to listen to her play with her baby dolls, watch her ride her bike, listen to her talk I LOVE her accent, or cuddle her to sleep at night! She is still my little chocolate monster, loves strawberries, all candy, and can't ever get enough chocolate milk! She is my spunky little girl. The things she comes up with are just darling! I am so thankful she is my sweet little girl! She adds so much to our family! So she wanted to have a baby doll tea party with her friends for her birthday. So we had mini hot dogs, mini sandwiches, lots of fruit, and lemonade for our "tea"! They all brought their babies so we made bracelets for their babies and themselves, then decorated cupcakes for babies and themselves too! They all just had a blast it was darling to watch them all with their baby dolls! She had a blast with her cute friends. After her party she chose to go to Panda Ephress (Express) for her birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Brookie Boo!!

Fathers Golf "Par-Tee"

The Father's Day "Par-Tee" Set up
The fellas golfing! :)

Look at the beautiful golf course! WOW! (Thanks Dad for making this happen)
This past weekend my family was able to come down and visit. We had so much fun! They came down so most of us could be together for father's day. So my dad planed a trip to Mesquite for the boys to go golfing and have a guys weekend! Brandon was stoked to go golf at Wolf Creek, he had been wanting to go for years! So they left Saturday morning and played in 108 degree heat but had a blast. They said it was such a gorgeous course! They stayed the night had some quality guy time then drove back late Sunday. Mean while us girls were trying to make our own girls weekend while they were gone but it didn't quite work as we had planned. Since Parker had the chickenpox and couldn't leave the house (he was still contagious) we did the best we could. :) Oh ya and Ashlyn woke up on Saturday morning saying her ear was killing her so I took her to the doctor and she had an outer ear infection...weird but ok. I like to have all my kiddos sick at once get it done and over with right?! So we got her feeling better and made some fun bath scrubs and soaks and had a pedicure girls night! It was so much fun to just chat and hang out with my mom and sisters! :) We ended the girls night with a girlie movie and lots of candy! On Fathers Day when the boys got back we surprised them with a fun Father's Day "Par-Tee" we had "club" sandwiches, carrots "sticks", fruit and yogurt "par"faits, "chips" and dip, a "watering hole" bottled water, and "hole in one" cake! They were really surprised! I am so grateful for such a sweet and loving husband that is the best father in the world. He is just so awesome with our kids and I love seeing him play with them and show his love for them! I am also so thankful for my own father he is such a great example to me and I am so grateful for what a great dad he has always been to all us kids growing up and now! And I am grateful for a wonderful father in law! He raised one heck of a son and is a wonderful example for him to look up to! I am truly lucky to have such amazing fathers in my life! I hope they all had a super fathers day!!

Chicken Pox

 This is when they first started to appear! 
Our little Parker Boy had chicken pox!! He had been sick with the flu for 2 days and a really high fever on Wednesday. Then on Thursday I got him out of his crib and saw like 5 chicken pox on his back. I then had to check the rest of him out! His legs and arms had quite a few on them. So I called the doctor and sure enough he had the chickenpox! It had been going around our neighborhood with hand foot and mouth and I knew that Parker would get it because he hadn't gotten his chickenpox vaccine on his last check up because he had pneumonia. He was pretty uncomfortable and grouchy! After they all had broken out for a day or so I counted between 50 and 60 on each leg and about 30 on each arm...he was covered! He didn't sleep more than 2 hours for 2 nights and of course Brandon was out of town! :) But luckily Sunday night he slept really good! He was so cute when I would put calamine lotion on him he would just lay there, I knew he was thinking, "Oh mom this feels so much better!" All in all he didn't do too bad and now we can say we have had the chickenpox!! :) I am glad he is all better now and hopefully we won't have too many scars!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Summer Summer!!

It's official Ashlyn is done with Kindergarten! Where did this year go? Last Thursday was the last day of school and since we live in the best neighborhood in the world...all the mom's got together and planned a HUGE surprise water party for all the kiddos! It was seriously unbelievable I kinda felt like I was in a movie :) haha So a couple of us mom's walked to get the kids from school to bring everyone back to the surprise. On our walk home we stopped and a sweet lady gave them all otter pops, a few houses later another lady made each of the kids ice cream cones as they walked by, then the fun began as we came around the corner the theme song to Phineas and Ferb was blaring and the rest of the mom's were waiting with a huge sign to run through "Welcome to Summer" and it all began with water balloons and squirt guns thrown at all the kids as they ran through the sign. So after the water fight we walked to the common area where the party began; tons of food, water games, a big blow up water slide, and music! We stayed and had a blast all day long! It was just the prefect way to kick off the summer!! 

Isn't this the perfect last day of school pic?!
Luke & Ashlyn cute little friends!
Ice cream cone stop! 
All the kids after they saw the surprise!!
My sweet kiddos enjoying the day!
Emma, Ashlyn, and Emory soaking up the sun!

Let the fun begin!
Girls eating snow cones!

 Oh my goodness it was too much fun! We had a blast! Let the summer fun begin!! :)