Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brooklyn's 2 Months!

What have us Read's been up to. Well, I can't believe Brooklyn is two months old already! She smiles all the time (when she's awake)and is a very good baby she is starting to finally be awake more often which is nice. She started doing her little baby talk like a week or so ago! Ashlyn is loving being a big sister and still loves to hold her and give her "big hugs and big kisses". Ashlyn is starting new things too... she now is officially potty trained and is getting her lovely 2 year old mollers. Which makes her kinda grouchy but nothing a little numbing gel doesn't fix. That is about all for us, just enjoying the kids and the hot weather!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brooklyn's Blessing Day

Sunday August 3, 2008

Today we blessed Brooklyn. It was such a beautiful day. We have church at 8:00 am so it was a very early day but we actually made it on time. It was so wonderful that our whole family was able to make it. Brooklyn looked so beautiful and peaceful in her white dress its so amazing to me to see this perfect little girl Heavenly Father has sent to our family, I am so lucky to be her mother! I am so grateful for the church in our lives.