Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dance Recital Time!!

The girls have taken dance this year from Center Stage in Orem, Utah and absolutely LOVE it!! Every morning Brooklyn asks me if it's dance day, that's how much she loves it. She really has opened up and become more confident this year through dance! She does so great each week then comes home and practices it with Ashlyn. Yes our kitchen floor is a tap/dance studio most of the time! :) Her teacher works just perfect with Brooklyn's personality and is so animated and cute teaching dance! I am just amazed at how naturally dance comes to Ashlyn, even just practicing she is a really strong dancer I hope she continues to love it just like I did growing up! Ashlyn has so much personality and it really shines when she dances! I loved that Ashlyn got a little solo part at the end of her dance she did so great with it! I am just so proud of them and how darling they are with dancing! Here's to a wonderful year of dance...can't wait for them to start again in the fall!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Princess Ashlyn Turned 6!!

I can't believe Ashlyn is 6!! Time is just going way too fast! She is our little sweetheart. Each day she seems to brighten it up in one way or another. Ashlyn has the most tender heart and always tries to do the right thing, I am amazed sometimes at the things she does for her family and her friends. She is my little drama queen and loves to dance, perform, play dress up, help with her brother and sister, read anything she can, draw and  color! This past year has been a big one she lost 2 teeth and started kindergarten. She absolutely loves going to school! Her birthday was on Wednesday this year so its been tradition that on my girls bdays I take them to get their nails and toes done. She after school Ashlyn and I set off for our birthday date! We started by getting pedicures and nails done, then she had bday money to spend so she choose to go to Justice for the first time! Oh my goodness when she walked into the store her eyes lite up and she got all giddy and was like a little whirlwind but found a new purse, scarf, and outfit!  Then she chose to go to Olive Garden (her favorite) just me and her for her bday dinner. We had so much fun together I love having her as a daughter and spending good quality time with her as a little girlfriend! So we threw her her birthday party on Saturday with her friends. For her birthday this year she wanted to do a Barbie Fashion Show! So with lots of planning we pulled it off and I think I turned out pretty fun for her and all her little girlfriends! She had a blast with her friends making fashionable flip flops then strutting their stuff down the runway! The were all so adorable striking their poses! The party ended with feathers everywhere from their boas and a very happy birthday girl! She told me it was the best day ever...I am so thankful for such a sweet little girl! I feel so blessed to be her mother! Happy birthday princess Ashlyn!! :) (Lots and Lots of pictures)

Her invites (don't know why its sideways)

Barbie Cake! 

Making the flip flops, the girls seemed to have fun picking out the ribbon, fabric, and jewels !

The cute tablescape 

The birthday girl on her runway! 

Her Birthday outfit! All dolled up ready to party!!

The birthday girl

Some more cute decorations

Ready for a fashion show

Getting our pedicure on! :)

At Olive Garden for her birthday dinner date :)
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love you!

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!

So the month of April starts the birthday season for my family. My parents came down and we celebrated all the April birthdays at once. It was really fun to have them visit and also to get to celebrate with my brothers. We all went out to dinner and then had cake at home! Since my brothers live in our basement I thought it would be fun on each of their bdays to make them a yummy dessert! It was really nice to get to celebrate their bdays with them this year since for the last two they were on their missions!

Then my birthday this year, usually I just celebrate it with my family, but since I live in such a wonderful neighborhood with awesome friends I spent it with them! To start off my day Betsy and Kristen brought me a yummy cupcake and balloons, a perfect breakfast! They are just the sweetest friends a girl could have! Then we went to Blue Lemon with all our awesome neighbors and best friends! It was so much fun. I am so grateful for such amazing friends. Then my sweet husband topped off the fun birthday with getting me some Sperrys that I have wanted for a long time and a darling watch. I felt so spoiled! Thanks hunny for making my birthday special! :)

Tyson in his lovely birthday suit! :)

Me and my brothers at our bday dinner!
Jordan...Happy Birthday to you!
The best friends and neighbors anyone could have! All of us at Blue Lemon! 

My birthday blue lemon cupcake! It was delicious! :)