Saturday, October 15, 2011

Riding 2 wheelers!

So a couple weekends ago Ashlyn decided it was time to step it up and ride a two wheeler. So Brandon helped her get the hang of it and off she went just about a half hour of help. She was so excited and is doing awesome! Her little friends like to race starting at the top of our driveway and go across the street up the long driveway. She loved to ride down the road then use her break and see how big of a streak she made on the road. It's so fun to watch her and see how much she loves riding with her neighbor friends! I can't believe how fast she learned. What really amazes me is since Ashlyn learned to ride her two wheeler Brooklyn of course wants to be just like her big sister and asked for about a week if she could learn too. So Brandon and I thought well why not let her test it out and see how she does. So last Saturday Brandon took off her training wheels and started teaching her. Well only about 10 minuets later she was off riding it all by herself!! Stopping with her breaks and turning. Now Brooklyn is our little spunky and a bit crazy one! She is all over the place. She looks so adorable with her unicorn (yes I said it) unicorn helmet riding like crazy up and down the street! She is so proud of herself. And now the moment she wakes up she says "Mommy I want to ride my two wheeler bike! (with her little accent)" So that is what we do! :) The weather has just been so nice to be outside with the beautiful fall weather! I just can't believe both girls are riding two wheelers now!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crazy Crafting!

So these past like two weeks I have had the crafting bug! It's been so much fun! So I thought I would share some of the fun things I have been doing!

This was my favorite project we painted around the pictures and I made the saying on my cricut. Then my awesome handy man of a husband cut one of our old tables down and I painted it to be an entry table. I just love how it all turned out! 
Sorry this picture is sideways. I finally finished the girls quiet books for church. I had so much fun putting them together and letting the girls help and put in their input on what they wanted on some of the pages. They actually play with them during sacrament meeting and it helps them be quiet, hence the name "quiet books" it is named that for a reason I truly believe that now! :)

My little pumpkins! Brandon cut them for me with some extra wood we had . Then with some sanding and a little paint,  they turned into some cute fall decor.

We had a girls crafting night last week to make  holiday wreaths! This was
the one I made out of burlap (might I just say I love burlap)! My new girlfriends and neighbors are just amazing...I am so happy with our new house and neighborhood, it's awesome!

I found the idea on pintrest to make your own canvas so I tried it. So this now hangs in our dining room to remind us of our family rules! :) 
I have a couple more projects in the works right now too so that will be for another post. But I just have to say I just love doing anything crafty, I think its my "outlet" (well other than shopping). But it's been really fun to be creative lately! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dance Dance Dance

Ash posing after dance

Brookie loved her class
So the girls started dance class 2 weeks ago and they love it! I am so happy with the studio and their teachers...much better than last year! So we are going to Center Stage and the studio is amazing!! All the teachers are well qualified and there have been tons of professional dancers come from the studio. We go on Thursdays, it makes for a long day but very worth doing both classes the same day to just have one big dance day. So Brooklyn's teacher is Miss Kim (reminds me of the fabulous Miss Kimber!) and she loves her. Brooklyn did dance and tap all by herself, she was very proud of herself. Then Ashlyn's teacher is actually Miss Kim's daughter, Miss Amber. They are just the cutest teachers for the girls. We are so happy and excited to go to dance each week. It's so fun to see my girls find a love for dance like I did and still do.