Monday, April 19, 2010

Disneyland Picture!!


These past 2 weeks we were able to go to Disneyland for some much needed quality family fun time! We spent way too many hours in the car driving to and from but it was totally worth it! :) I was amazed at how well the girls did in the car. We started off at 3 AM so the girls would sleep most of the 10 1/2 hours to Las Vegas, where we stopped for the night on the way. We had an interesting night though, which is what would you expect you are in Vegas. At about 4:00 AM a girl started banging, kicking, and yelling on the door next to ours to be let in...this went on for about a half an hour then stopped. We finally thought we would be able to get back to sleep but she was so drunk that she thought in order to get into her room she would pull the fire alarm. Very smart girl! So that was extremely loud and fun as the announcement blared for 15 minutes saying to stay calm while the investigate why the alarm was pulled...really stay calm?! But none the less it was turned off and we were able to go back to sleep and not have to evacuate the hotel. The next day a short drive to Disneyland and 7 whole fun-filled days at the parks!! Ashlyn loved getting all the autographs from all the characters but of course her favorite part was seeing all the princesses and giving them all hugs. She picked out a Sleeping Beauty dress this time and got to get her face painted so beautifully! Brooklyn had to be just like big sister and picked out the same princess dress and thought she was so big! Ashlyn is our little dare devil going on every ride she was tall enough to go on. Her favorite was the Alice and Wonderland ride and a close second Pirates of the Caribbean but loved Toy Story, Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, and Tower of Terror. After riding Tower of Terror she ran up to me and yelled "Mommy I was so brave! It was so fun!" Brooklyn just loved all the rides too, while standing in line would call out which car she wanted to ride on in the ride. She was so excited and she being our little gremlin unfortunately did get a few scrapes and bruises from going head first out of the stroller. Luckily it wasn't too bad and she quickly was back to herself running around. Oh I can't forget Brandon found a new addiction these really cool collectors called Vinyalmation! My Dad and he had so much fun opening them to see which one they got. This year we all had sweatshirts made with our nicknames, favorite numbers, and our favorite sayings. It was a blast to wear and have people read all of them figuring each of them out. We had so much fun as a family! It was great to be with my family and bond with them on our yearly Disneyland trip! We all already want to go back! :) Until next year Disneyland!