Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 Months Huge

Sumo Baby

Loving swinging at the park
Parker is 7 months old now and is just the most fun-loving happy baby ever! :) He loves to sit and play with his toys and LOVES to laugh at his sisters. The weather was nice enough the other week we went to the park and he got to ride in a swing for the first time and loved it! He likes his bananas and apple sauce. He is such a great eater and loves his naps! Parker now growls when he gets really excited and when he gets hungry. It's quite funny! He is just growing like crazy. He is 22 lbs 2 oz and 28 1/2 inches!(That's 94%)  Just preparing for his football career when he is older! :) We just love him to pieces and are so blessed to have such a healthy happy baby boy!

A Few Extras About my Girls!

Movie Star Ashlyn...yes she had to go to the store like this

Tea Party Time with their friend Kenedee

Brookie boo and her baby

I thought that I would post a few things the girls have been up to. We play their favorite board games Disney Rumekib and Good Night Moon everyday. They have tea parties about twice a week. We LOVE to play pretend! If someone ever asks me where I live I should tell them I live in the house of fairytales and make believe! We have imaginary friends join us all the time! Usually Brooklyn's "friend" Alley is hanging around. Brooklyn loves to play babies and her baby name is Audrey (which is after her sweet little cousin) and then Parker has to be Rowan when she plays since Audrey and Rowan are twins. It's quite cute! We have Ashlyn who is a drama queen. She will get into character while she is watching everything. From dressing up and going on a date while we watch the Bachelor to a Dancing with the Stars dancer or an American Idol contestant singing using the treadmill as her stage! She will put her heels on any chance she gets! :) Lately the girls have been playing so cute together and are just so sweet with each other, their relationship really reminds me of my brothers Jordan and Tyson and how they were best friends and so close as they grew up! I just love watching them play and playing with them too! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Interesting Family Scripture Time

So the other night when we were reading scriptures Ashlyn thought that since we take turns saying prayer we should take turns reading scriptures too. So we said ok and she opened the Book of Mormon and started off pretty good, saying and it came to pass...she talked about Lehi and Nephi in the wilderness and some other things from her memory that actually were right. Then it went down hill from there she said, "And then it came to pass that Santa came in his sleigh to meet Jesus in the manger with his reindeer." Ummm thats when I realized oh boy she is a little confused!! Or maybe a lot confused so we had to tell her that Santa is not in the scriptures and that there weren't reindeer at the manger with Jesus when he was born! She continued with a whole story on Santa and Nephi in the sleigh in the wilderness. We helped her understand the two different stories and she caught on after that. I would have to say her story was quite entertaining and love that she wanted to read the scriptures by herself. Oh man the things kids do and say! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ashlyn and Kenedee just after they performed! 

This past week Ashlyn got to do a little cheer leading clinic with her friend Kenedee. She had so much fun she just loves performing and learning the dances. Ashlyn takes these clinics very seriously she will come home from the clinics and practice and then perform the dance many times to get ready for the real performance. It's so cute! It's fun to watch her learn and develop a talent! :)