Monday, January 24, 2011

7 years!

Seven years ago today I married the man of my dreams. It was such a beautiful day with tons of huge snowflakes all surrounded by our family and friends. I remember I was so happy I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face knowing I was starting my eternal marriage to Brandon. And today seven years later I still couldn't be happier, I still smile at just the thought of Brandon. He is such a wonderful husband he always knows what I am needing and knows what to say in any situation. He is my best friend we talk about EVERYTHING which all started when we were engaged we just would talk for hours and hours and we still do...I just love that! I am lucky to have him as the father of our kids, he is such a fun cute dad, I love watching him with our kids! I love all your crazy randomness, your funny-ness, your other personality Jim Bob, how hot you are, how understanding you always are when I am being a dramatic girl, your love for the church in our lives and I am mostly thankful for you just being are my better half! I am so in love with you, just like when I fell in love with you 7 years ago on a playground in Burley. I feel like one lucky girl to have you in my life! I love you dear happy anniversary!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends For "Change"

On the Disney Channel there are these commercials for Friends for Change to help make a difference on the environment. Ashlyn has seen these commercials and her interpretation was this...the other day Brandon and I walked into the family room to Ashlyn and Brooklyn having found the big cup of change, and them throwing and tossing the change all over yelling, "Friends for Change! Friends for Change!" Cracking up we asked, "What are you doing?" Ashlyn responded, "You know mom like disney friends for change!" Oh of course in a 4 year olds mind that is what friends for "change" is! So funny I still just think of Ashlyn doing this and laugh.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Super Long Christmas Blog!

Ashlyn seeing her Belle for the first time!

Brooklyn loves baby dolls!

Parker's first football 

Ginger bread house decorating

So proud of her hippopotamus cookie

At Disneyland!!!

Parker Boy!!! 

Meeting Santa...surprised Brookie wasn't breakthrough for her!

All beautiful dressed up as snow white

Our princesses!

Belle is her favorite princess ever

Brandon in heaven with his skewers :)
This year Christmas was a little different since we had to travel to Boise to be with family. So we were lucky and got to be in Boise for 10 days. It was super fun playing with all our family; making ginger bread houses, cookie bake, fun family time, and seeing some of our friends! We stayed with Brandon's parents this time while we were in town and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with them and Lou Anne even had a beautiful Christmas tree set up for us upstairs to have our own little Christmas around. The girls were really cute this year, Grandma Bailey sent the girls "the elf on the shelf" so for the month of December they loved waking up to find out where the elf had magically moved to! Christmas Eve we spent with Brandon's family and had a wonderful time singing carols and enjoying our time with them. We always do pj's on Christmas Eve so the girls were excited for that because they know what's coming in the morning. The funny thing is Brandon and I (for the past like 3 years) have woken up before the kids...I think we are more excited than they are. When they finally woke up we took them out and seeing their eyes light up just is the moment I wait for at each Christmas. They were so cute as they opened up their presents. Then after we opened we spent Christmas Day with my family tons of games, food, dancing with the Wii, and talking to my two brothers on their missions! It's amazing that both are serving right now and how awesome their testimonies have grown since they have been gone. Christmas was so wonderful being able to spend it with our families. We left on the Tuesday after to head back to Utah to spend some time just us before Brandon headed back to being busy school-man. We are crazy and a little addicted and went to Disneyland over New Years!! We didn't tell the girls until the night before we left so they were totally excited and surprised! It was super fun to be there and just enjoy each other, the girls were so cute as they hopped around Disneyland holding hands and running up to the characters with huge smiles on their faces! They discovered they love Lego's and have been addicted since. Disneyland was decorated to beautiful for Christmas time and might I add Haunted Mansion is awesome during the holidays! :) We just had so much fun over the Christmas holidays as a family. It makes me so grateful for the wonderful family members and friends I am surrounded by! I just love the spirit I feel during the holidays and for the church in my life to celebrate the birth of our Savior.