Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The things we have been up to

Brooklyn all potty trained, she' feels so big!!

Ashlyn playing in the water at a waterfall we had a picnic at.

Me helping Brooklyn through the water to play with Ashlyn.

Meeting Princess Pea and Super Why at the Park!
(It's a really cute learning cartoon my girls love!)

4th of July....Brooklyn cheering and Ashlyn trying to smile even though she is scared. :)

We have been up to a little bit lately. We moved down to Springville, UT for Brandon to go back to BYU to finish his degree about 5 weeks ago. He is crazy busy with working, school, and trying to find time to spend with his family. I am so grateful for all he is doing! He is one amazing man as I watch him from day to day and see everything his doing and accomplishing, it makes me love him more and more each day, knowing he is doing what the Lord directed him to do. Us girls are just enjoying the summer together. We have a pool in our community which is luckily not very busy so we go swimming just about everyday then we have our picnic trips to the park and fit in a tea party, barbie, and play wedding too. We are staying quite busy! :) Brooklyn has been quite addicted to Toy Story, she asks to watch Woody and Jessi just about everyday and will talk to the movie and the characters as she watches. She knows all the characters and is just adorable on how much she is in love with Toy Story! Ashlyn is just my little buddy I love watching her plan her play weddings and play school with her. She is just such a fun girl to be around. Brooklyn has been potty trained for 3 weeks now and is doing so good! She will say every time she has to go, "Mommy potty bad!" And then she has to decide who she wants to help her usually it's "Ummm sissy watch me!" Which translates to I want Ashlyn to watch me be a big girl and clap with I am done. :) It's super cute, I am very excited that I was able to get her potty trained before Parker was born...yeah only one in diapers at a time!! Well speaking of Parker he is growing so much. He loves to snuggle up under my left rib which is not very comfortable but luckily he's big enough that I can try to move him in a different position. He gets the hiccups every night at 11:00 right as I lay down to go to sleep. I am amazed that he is coming in like 7 weeks(ish)!!! I just can't wait to see my little boy. Well we had a great 4th of July although it was very different than usual. We did a our fireworks just as a little family. Brooklyn loved them and would say pretty or cool! And Ashlyn still doesn't really like them. But she does pop-its so we did lots and lots of pop-its! We had fun together as we celebrated the 4th! We are really enjoying our new lives and home in Utah!