Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paka Boy is 1!!!

I'm One!

Our little stud

Like Father Like Son....just adorable!

Opening his presents

He loved his cake!!

My darling Paka Boy

A flash back picture from the day he was born!
Parker turned 1, yep my baby boy is now 1! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. While we were in town for the weekend we threw a little party for him. He is such a happy baby always doing his cheesy smile and just a truly happy boy. He wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. I am so proud of him he is my first baby to actually be on a good sleep schedule and yes sleeps through the night! He is on a great schedule he wakes up at 8:00 goes down for his first nap at 11:00 no matter what and has a second nap (yep 2 naps its wonderful) at 3:00 then actually goes to sleep at a normal baby time at 9:30. I am just so thankful to have him sleep so great. He has 3 teeth on the bottom and 3 teeth on the top so he looks like a cute little pumpkin when he smiles. Will eat everything in front of him and if you have food you better be ready to share because he has to have a little taste of yours too. He says mama and dada he is also starting to say ball he will pick it up and say ba and is starting to say this when he points at things. He chuckles and grunts all the time. He is left handed (Brandon has high hopes for him to be a left handed quarterback) its quite funny to have two of our kids being left handed but he is very much so a lefty.  He's a very busy boy he has been walking for a good two and a half months now. He absolutely loves to play ball he will pick it up then try and throw it to you, its cute! He also loves trucks and is starting to say truck sounds when he plays. At his one year check up he was 26 pounds which is 90% and 31.8 inches in the 95% so he is still a big boy. He had so much fun opening his presents on his birthday and after a slight melt down (from his fat feet squished into shoes, he prefers to be barefoot) LOVED getting into his cake. I am so thankful for this sweet little boy I just love every waking moment I have with him! He is a true blessing in our lives. His big sisters are so sweet with him and he already puts up with them doing his hair and playing babies and dress up with him. I can't believe he is already 1! Happy Birthday to my sweet Parker boy! I love you so much son!


Awaiting his arrival!


The hug I was waiting for!

Yeah!! Look at that awesome missionary!
On Saturday July 30th Jordan cam home from his mission! I was so excited I could hardly stand it the whole week leading up to him coming home! We all were so excited to have everyone home for the first time in a little over 2 years! So he was scheduled to come in at 4:15 so we all had sings ready to go and we got a call from him a few hours before of him saying that he missed his connecting flight from it taking so long going through customs so his flight will be later than scheduled. So we were now going to to have to wait just a few extra hours no big deal for him to arrive at 7:00, well unfortunately we got another call from him (from a very nice man's cell phone that was on his same flight) that because of bad weather his flight now would be delayed and not come in until 11:45!! We were bummed but at least we could still see him that same day and we wouldn't have to wait another day. So with all that anticipation and waiting we FINALLY got to see him walk off the plane from serving his mission in Peubla, Mexico! It was amazing seeing him again. He looked incredibly happy, he seemed to have this beam and aura around him that everyone could tell what a successful missionary he had been! I have this amazing sister brother connection with Jordan that is very hard to describe. We seem to know each other so well and love to spend tons of time together! We even doing nothing always have a blast! :) I just love him so much I am so proud of him serving his mission each week when I got his email it was such a great day! I could tell immediately how he was feeling and could almost pictures his ups and downs of him on his mission. I just am so so proud of him!!! I couldn't stop hugging him! It was a long day but even when he had gotten up at 4 am and flown all day we still stayed up until 2 am (yes he was almost up 24 hours) talking and hearing his stories and he told them with a little accent!! Yes he has a little accent which is totally cool! Well I have to say I am so happy he is home and so grateful for his great example and his strong testimony. I feel to thankful to have Jordan as my brother and to have had him serve a mission for the past 2 years! He is one awesome brother! Welcome Home Elder Bailey!!!