Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Last night we celebrated our 8 year anniversary! We went up to Park City for a nice dinner since we decided not to go anywhere this year. We went to the J&G Grill and it was DELICIOUS! We both loved everything we got. The chef even sent out this yummy desert for us!  

It was really pretty order for you to get to the restaurant you get to ride in this finicular up to the restaurant. It so beautiful to look out over Park City at night with all the snow. It reminded me of the day we got married and how crazy it was snowing! Taking pictures outside the temple was so cold but it was so pretty with the biggest snowflakes I had ever seen. That day was so perfect! I am so thankful for marrying my best friend! Its amazing that its been 8 years already but on another note I feel like we have always been together, it's hard to imagine life before I was married to Brandon. He is seriously my prince charming! He is so thoughtful, the best daddy to our kids, he is so much fun to be around and talk to, he is so loving, and he is the man of my dreams! I don't know how I got so lucky to fall in love with him and to be married to him for eternity! I love every day knowing I get to spend it with my sweetheart! 

So I did something kinda fun for him when he got home from work I had 8 balloons in our room each with a little note of some of the things I love about him! And he was so sweet and brought these beautiful flowers home for me! 
Happy Anniversary Hunny! Here's to another wonderfully awesome 8 years! :)