Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parker Boy is 6 months!

Parkers 6 month Stats:
20 lbs 6 oz
28 inches
He just loves his blanket! This is how he sleeps sometimes he will  pull his blankie over his whole cute!
Parker's first time having rice cereal, yummy!

I can't believe my little man is already 6 months old today. He is just the happiest baby ever! I thought my girls were happy babies but he is really happy and LOVES to sleep. Yeah finally one that sleeps good. :) He loves his big sisters hugs and kisses. He just started sitting up which he thinks he is really big to play with toys sitting up! He likes peek a boo and likes to touch peoples faces and give big open mouth kisses. It's so cute! He loves watching himself move his fingers and feet. He is just so interested in how his hands and feet work its so cute when babies learn they have control over their hands and feet. He still is having at least one blow out a day, I stopped blaming the diapers and realized it was just him. He makes me smile I can just sit all day with him and just play and cuddle with him. I am so thankful to have this sweet little boy in our family and the blessing he is in our lives!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying a new do!

The Front!

The short!!
So for years now I've been wanting to cut my hair I am a big scardy cat when trying new things with my hair. It's I think more of a comfort zone issue with me and my hair. Anyhow so I finally broke down and did it!!! Yes believe it or not! I went to my good friend Rachael that lives close to me down here and she did a great job she cut it exactly what I gave been thinking and visioning for all this time. She is awesome! With all that said now I'm not sure if I like it on me...I am still getting used to how short it is and especially how little my pony tails are now!! I think I like it more each day. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day!!

My little sweethearts!

Yummy fondue desert!
This Valentines Day we decided to spend it as a family instead of Brandon and I going on a date. So we started the day off with heart shaped poptarts for breakfast. A fun afternoon just playing games as a family. Some beautiful roses from my sweetheart! Then we went to Red Robin for an early dinner then came home and had a yummy fondue desert! Pink marshmallows, bananas, heart shaped rice krispie treats, strawberries, and heart shaped brownies to dip in chocolate! The girls had fun helping me make desert and to top off the night watching the Bachelor (how appropriate right?!). I just love my little family and the happiness they bring to my life each and everyday. I love Brandon he is the love of my life and a perfect husband! I love how Ashlyn is so kindhearted, a great big sister, and how she loves to be the center of attention! I love how Brooklyn is our little spunky sweetheat! She has this silliness about her that will always make you smile. And lastly I just am so in love with our little Parker boy. He is the happiest baby ever, a true blessing in my life. His smile melts my heart everyday! I just love Valentines Day and am glad we had a fun filled family day!

Ice Castles

We decided to randomly go to these really cool ice castles by Park City! We met our friends Doug, Kara, and their kids up there. We had so much fun looking around at the awesomely huge ice castles! Some we could even go through. I think the girls especially like the icicles they ate. :) After the ice castles we ate some yummy pizza at Malawi's Pizza. Thanks for a fun time Kaufmans!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Girls Day! (plus Parker-Boy)

Painting nails

Their darling jelly shoes all ready for spring time!
While daddy's away we will play! So I decided to let the girls tell me what they wanted to do and so this was our day....we ate lunch at mcdonalds and played on the playground. Came home did pedicures and manicure red sparkles for Valentines Day of course! Then they decided they wanted to go shopping. Of course I couldn't refuse! :) So I let them pick out a new dress and jelly shoes to match. They actually picked out cute things!Might I add I just LOVE little girls in jelly shoes! Mommy was so proud of her girls. :) Lastly a chick flick to end the evening, it had to be Legally Blonde! While watching it Brooklyn turns to me says about a girl with a belly shirt on, "I can see her belly mom, she needs an undershirt!" lol I thought it was so cute! Then I had Ashlyn there practicing the "bend and snap" what a perfect day! I just love my girls so much and all the fun we have together! Being a mom and getting to spend all my time with my kiddos is just the perfect way to spend my days! Oh and Parker was such a good little boy coming along for our girls day. :)