Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Halloween

At the Halloween Express train ride!

My sweet Little Merdmaid!

Decorating pumpkins

This was a big day she loves playing wedding so when she got to be a bride all day long it was the best day ever! My Cinderella Bride

My Monster! He loved his outfit we put it on him and he gave us the cheesiest smile ever it was super cute!
So I am a little behind posting Halloween but I guess better late than never for my blog book. This year was really fun! We carved tons of pumpkins. When we finally finished we had a Rapunzel, Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Lightening McQueen, Spiderman, a happy jack-lantern, and Jack Skelington. We went a little pumpkin carving crazy but super fun!While we were carving Parker thought it would be fun to try and eat the pumpkins he of course like it just like everything else he puts in his mouth...the little stinker. :) The kiddos got to dress up 3 times! Once for ward trunk or treat, once for the Halloween dance recital, and then for Halloween! Halloween the girls really wanted me to dress up especially because I was helping in Ashlyns class. So I was Jessi/cowgirl it was fun to dress up! Ashlyn was Cinderella bride, Brooklyn was Little Mermaid or as she says it Little Merdmaid, and Parker was a monster. We did Ashlyn's school party which was totally fun then a couple of us from the neighborhood went to trick or treating in the park and let the kids play for a little bit, then over in Linden there is a real train that a couple families make into this really cool Halloween train ride so we went and checked that out. It was so cool with music coordinating with the scenes throughout the ride. Brooklyn loved it! She loves trains and to get to ride a real one was totally awesome. Then of course trick or treating in the neighborhood. The kids had a blast! Topping off the evening with our usual homemade chilli and cornbread. :) Happy Halloween!

Parent Teacher Conference

I had my very first parent teacher conference a couple weeks ago and I was kinda nervous but excited at the same time! So at the first of the year Ashlyn's teacher asked if Ashlyn would be a part of an extra reading group after school 2 days a week. I had really mixed emotions about it thinking she was way behind and then she explained it to me that it was for the average students just for them to get extra reading time. So I talked to my mother inlaw, my sister, and my mom and they all said why not do it it can only help her and kids her age love the extra time at school. So I went ahead and had Ashlyn be in Super Readers Club (that's what we call it)! She totally loves it and when she gets home all she wants to do is read more! I am loving how much she reads. So at parent teacher conferences her teacher was telling me that she was just doing so great in school and she loves to help out around the class room which she said was really sweet. Then she told me that she just moved Ashlyn to the top reading group in her class and that she is becoming a wonderful reader! YEAH!! I was so extremely happy! Her teacher is just so sweet and started to tear up and said that watching Ashlyn grasp a hold of reading and find a love for it is what being a teacher is all about and that she is so happy to be her teacher. I am so happy for her teacher and how caring she is and how great Ashlyn is doing in school. She loves every minuet of it! I am having so much fun watching her grow as a student!