Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July

The fourth was a little different this year we are in Gillette, Wyoming for two weeks here for Brandon's work. So we are somewhat living in a hotel but we were still able to make it fun! We had a BBQ like tradition and then the kiddos did pop its and sparklers until it got dark to do the rest of the fireworks. Pretty typical Ashlyn is still scared of all fireworks and will cover her ears to all of them, Brooklyn just thought they were so pretty and magical, and Parker loved every minuet of them clapping at the end of every firework. We also got to have Tyson spend it with us which is fun to spend lots of time with him! Happy fourth of July!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Parker Is Walking!

Parker Walking

I had to post this because that is one awesome farmers tan he has going on!

For a while now he has been walking around holding onto the furniture and taking a couple steps here and there but he decided when we were in Boise that it was time to take off! So June 23rd he walked clear across the family room and hasn't stop walking since. He thinks he is just so big and when he walks he looks like a little frakenstein it's so cute! He will take teeny tiny steps and holds his arms out in front of him. :) I just love it when my babies start walking they just seem so much happier to move around. Parker loves music every time he hears it now he will dance by bouncing up and down it's just so cute and when he is in his car seat he will bounce his arm! He also is now 10 months old and he loves mac and cheese and is the bottom less pit! He can eat an entire easy mac package by himself! Yes he is preparing for his future football career! He also cut 3 teeth these past two weeks and its a matter of a couple of days until his front teeth cut through. His teeth have come in like a little pumpkin he got his bottom front left side first then the got his top right fang tooth and the third on the bottom right. So he has the cheesiest smile ever! He is still such a happy great little baby! His little personality is coming out more and more. I just love this little dude!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Times with Grandpa and Grandma

Plane ride to Boise!

BBQ with the family...good times!

Build A Bear and they loved it so much!

Our little surfer boy
Walking around with Grandpa
The girlies!

Brooklyn loved this ride!

Ice cream cones so yummy!
The kids always love it when we visit Grandpa and Grandma! They got to do so many fun things. We got to go on a plane, go shopping, go to Build A Bear, had yummy BBQs,  went swimming, played at Provo Beach Resort, and went to Lagoon!! It was super fun to go to so many fun places and spend tons of time with my family! :) Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help and the fun times we always have!

Brooklyn is now 3

Our Birthday Girl!

Opening presents..I've never seen a kid open presents so fast! 

Her Tinker Bell cake!

She's been wanting this baby and stroller for a while to go no walks with me and Parker.

The girls taking the baby for a walk

Brooklyn's new baby!

My little Brookie Boo! 
While we were in Boise we celebrated Brooklyn's 3rd birthday! I can't believe she is 3 already she is just so much fun right now! She is really growing up a lot! She chose a Tinker Bell or as she calls he a Teamper Bell birthday. We had it at her favorite place the park and were able to have all our family there which was so nice. When she opened her presents she went so fast I could barely catch up with her it was so funny! She was thrilled with every single present she opened! Some fun little things about my Brookie Boo! She says the cutest things! She will say "Mommy fatch (watch) this I'm magical!" She gets some of her letters mixed up and has kind of a New Yorker's accent. So I could just listen to her all day long! She LOVES anything chocolate! She also likes pickles, popsicles, receses, chocolate milk, and noodles. She loves to play with babies and is just so sweet when she plays. She really likes to help out with Parker or as she calls him Pawker Boy! She is in love with flip flops or as she calls then "fip fops." I love watching her play and giggle with Ashlyn. They are just such cute sister friends! I am so grateful for my sweet little Brookie Boo in my life. Each day she gives me her sweet smile from the moment she wakes up to cuddling with her to go to sleep. I am so blessed to have such a sweetheart of a daughter. Happy 3rd Birthday Brooklyn! I'm glad you had so much fun! :)

Tyson is Home!! Tyson is Home!!

The family awaiting Tyson's arrival home!!

All the nieces and nephews watching for him with their signs

Seeing Mom and Dad for the first time! What a beautiful reunion a moment they will never for forget!

The kids made Tyson pictures and notes !

Look at those proud parents! :)

Welcome home Elder Bailey! 

Aubrey's cute missionary cake!

On Saturday June 18th at 9:30 my brother Tyson got home from his mission in Puerto Rico!! He came off the plane with another missionary and we all looked at him, thought bummer it's not him, then looked again, and it was him!! He looked so much older and (I think) taller. It was so amazing to see him home and to feel of his great spirit that he brought home with him. We all chatter for quite a while and listened to his fun stories and things he got to see or places he got to visit while he was serving. Brandon had to head back to Colorado on Tuesday but me and the kiddos got to stay until Monday playing with family. Then me, my kids, Alexa, Tyson, and my parents started our road trip we drove down to Provo and played for 2 days with my sister Aubrey did some shopping then we went on Wednesday to Lagoon. It was so much fun! I hadn't been there in years and my haven't ever been. The girls absolutely LOVED it! Ashlyn's favorite ride was the one called Bat a roller coaster where you hang your feet she had a blast and Brooklyn loved the chair lift of all the rides! She is so silly! We had tons of fun playing at Lagoon with my family! Then on Thursday they drove us to Fort Collins, Colorado where we have been staying this summer for Brandon's job. And Tyson is now going to work with him too so it'll be really fun to have Tyson be out here with us on our summer adventure! :) They stayed through the weekend and we did lots of shopping (there's a great mall and outlet mall here) and tons of hanging out! It was so much fun to hang out with my family. I just love our close relationship that we all have and I really appreciate all that they have done with driving us all the 12 LONG hours to Fort Collins!