Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An awesome day!

Last Friday was my birthday and I had a blast! My girlfriends surprised me with a surprise lunch! I just want to thank them all for doing that. It seriously meant so much to me! I am very blessed to have so many wonderful girlfriends. They sure know me, having my favorite things..a big sonic diet coke, pink decor, a yummy lunch, and of course chocolate cake! Thanks again girls! And it was so nice to see everyone and their darling kids. Then my wonderful husband surprised me with a SPA DAY! Yeah I have never been and always wanted to go. So I got all pampered, and hour massage, hour facial, and a pedicure! It was perfect! Thank you hunny for spoiling me! I love you! I then celebrated with all my family in the evening. What a great birthday, I think this might be my favorite birthday EVER!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where has April Gone?

This month has just flown by! It is always a super busy month because there are so many of my families birthdays. But anyhow first I have to say I am super excited that my brother Tyson got his mission call! He is going to Puerto Rico, and leaves on May 20th to the MTC. That is so soon but I can't wait, I am so proud of him for making the decision to go!

Second, Easter last weekend was so much fun. Ashlyn really got into the annual Bailey Easter Egg Hunt at my parents house. She loved looking for everything and so surprised every time, it was very cute! Then we had Easter dinner with the Reads. Ashlyn has been on this kick about marriage and where we get married. She kept saying, "I'm going to marry Jonah!" Now if you ask her where she is getting married she will say, at the temple. But then she usually proceeds to say with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid because she thinks they all live in the temple. One time while talking about the temple I told her she will look like a princess when she gets married so she made the correlation that they all live there and get married there too.

Lastly, Brooklyn is 10 months old! Holy cow I can't believe it. She is starting to have her little personality pop out. She is a big mama's girl. Already has taken 6 steps on her own, so walking is just a matter of time! She is a very inquisitive little girl loves to get into things and watches everything her big sister does. I love watching her learn and discover new things, it so much fun being a mom!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


We went 2 weeks ago to Disneyland! Or should I say what Ashlyn calls it, Dizzyland. I don't know if I have ever been so excited for a trip to Disneyland in my life (and my family has been there quite often). But this was the first time I got to see Ashlyn be old enough to take it all in. Oh my goodness she was so ecstatic when she saw each princess! There is this new Fairytale Fantasy Land where you get to meet 3 princesses at a time and they take your pics, sign your book, and then the princess dress store that you of course can't pass getting your princess a dress. So we spent much time back there! It was so cute to see her meet Cinderella (her favorite princess) she was giggling and jumping up and down! I loved watching her. I couldn't believe Ashlyn went on almost everything but 2 things that she wasn't tall enough for. Yes, she went on Matterhorn and the monster didn't even scare her...she thought he was a silly monkey. Yes, she went on Splash Mountain and loved it. The last time we went on it she got soaked but realized we all did and started laughing and singing "zippidie do da"! But her favorite rides were Toy Story and Monsters Inc.

Brooklyn did great on her first plane ride there! She was such a happy baby the whole trip. On the rides that we could take her on she would sit so still just taking it all in! I guess that is what we all do our first time! She luckily got lots of grandma time while we rode the big rides which my mom loved. On the way home she had a hard plane ride. She had just cut another bottom tooth earlier in the trip and the started to get real fussy the last hour of the plane ride. I was trying everything that I could in my seat of the pane and all of the sudden right after take off...she threw up all over! Lovely smell for the rest of the ride but she fell asleep and was happy. The day after we got back she had her 9 month appointment (yes she is 9 months already) she apparently has a double ear infection! So that explains the plane ride, but I still can't believe what a calm happy baby she was with her ears hurting the whole trip.

We also went down to watch Aubrey compete at the cheerleading national competition. Mountain View did great they got 1st in both categories they entered into and got best overall. And I have to add Aubrey is such a cute cheerleader! She flew in this one part in their dance and she was picture perfect! Way to go Aub!

Well Brandon and I had such a great trip with my family as we always do. So much fun talking, playing, eating, and bonding even closer. Thank goodness for families! Ashlyn still asks every day if we can go back to "Dizzyland"!