Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Sick!

So these past like 2 weeks we have been so sick! I started it all off with a major sinus infection, I had it for about two weeks then finally decided to go get meds to kick it out of my system. So I started to feel better then the next night Brooklyn was up all night with an ear ache. So I took her in that day and sure enough she had a double ear infection!! She was starting to feel better thankfully. I though we were in the clear of being sick little did I know what was instore! So Parker had a bad cold for a couple weeks but I didn't think it was really turning into anything. On Saturday the 17th he started to not eat and had a tempeture of about 102 ish then Sunday the same thing. So I was starting to worry now so Monday he started to look really bad and was starting to be lathargic and his temp was not coming down from 103! I called the doctor and took him in after Brandon got home from work. I was thinking he may have an ear infection too but not so lucky. The doctor looked at him and listened to him breath and said, "are you reay for this? He has pneumonia!" I was floored I felt so bad like I should have brought him in days ago. We did some breathing treatments at the doctors office but that didnt help. So we then were sent to the hospital! I got in the car and called Brandon to come meet me for moral support! He had X-rays done which did show his left lung infected. And then he had blood tests done. I was nervous about him getting his blood drawn but he was so sick I held him in my lap and he just sat there...he didn't flinch or even cry! This poor sick little boy! The blood tests did come back with his white blood cell count low which would be the pneumonia. We were very lucky and didn't have to stay over night at the hospital. After about 2 days of meds in his system and lots of rest he started to get back to our crazy busy little boy. We went into the doc for 2 more check ups unfortunately he had a double ear infection and had lost 3 pounds but I just took him for his last check up on Monday this week and his lungs were sounding great again and he only had one ear infection. So just a little bit longer on meds and his next hopfully last check up in a couple weeks. I'm so grateful this didn't turn out as bad as it could have and that he is back to his sweet healthy silly little self!!

Then to top it all off the day Parker was at the hospital my dad wasn't feeling well and went to the doc and they found a major blood clot in his groin area!! So scary! They put him on meds and daily shots to hopefully thin out his blood. They came and visited us this past weekend even with him not feeling well. He went back into the doctor the day thy got back and two smaller pieces had broken off and gone through his heart and to his lungs!! Crazy scary!! So yesterday he went and they put in a filter so no more blood clots can go through his heart or lungs. I am so thankful for my dad and all he does. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful father and a fun grandpa for my kids! I'm thankful he is feeling better today and things can only get better from here!!

We better start getting some nice weather and so we can all be healthy again! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We LOVE Disneyland!!

We went to Disneyland last week and had soooo much fun! I just love seeing the excitement in the kids when we are there spending good family time together! We left on Friday evening spent the night in Las Vegas, then drove to Disneyland Saturday morning to stay until Wednesday. Then Wednesday came and we decided we didn't want to do a few hours in the park and then drive all the way home.  So we decided to drive home Thursday instead and got to spend the whole day in the park Wednesday!

This year we had tons of firsts: We tried some yummy new food (which is Brandon and my favorite part!). The girls were tall enough to go on the big rides, Ashlyn can now go on everything and her new favorite ride is California Screamin!! Brooklyn really surprised us and went on Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain. Brooklyn LOVED splash mountain! She was so cute and proud of herself to go on the big rides. Parker did so good I was quite amazed because he is so busy at this age and such a crazy boy but as long as he had food in his hand while in the lines, we were golden. As soon as he could see the ride he would point and say "ride."  He thought he was so big to sit on the rides, he'd hold onto the seat bar then when it was about done he'd know exactly what to do and would push up on the bar to get ready to get off. We had such a great time! We found a new little snack restaurant we like to eat at now too and of course ate our usual snacks too; churros, corn dogs, skewers, and popcorn! We went to Minni's breakfast and will totally do that again. We saw so many characters and the breakfast was so yummy!! Parker is in love with Mickey Mouse so every time he would see a Mickey he would say "Mee Mow!!" and get all excited. The best part though was when he met Eeyore and gave him a pound on the nose! It was so funny Eeyore was kind of amazed I just know he was laughing inside! :)

We took the girls to Bippity Boppity Boutique. It's where they get to get all done up like a princess so they picked out a princess dress and accessory, then got their hair, make up, and nails done. It was so fun watching their little faces beam as they were turned into princesses...a little girls dream come true! That was so fun for the girls! The weather was just perfect to top it all off! Mostly 80's and up to 93 one of the days.  We had so much fun we can't wait to go back!! Oh and PS we are now Annual Passholders so we can go anytime!! Its quite exciting for Brandon and me (it's the geeky-ness in us I guess)! Did I mention we love Disneyland and can't wait to go back!! :)

Lots and Lots of pictures!!
Parker Boy sleeping with his Mickey

My favorite treat CHURROS!!!

Brandon's Favorite treat CORNDOGS!!

Parker being a little cheese ball 

The kiddos posing for a pic

The girls got to meet all the princesses!

They loved the tea cups :)

Ashlyn picked out the wedding minni ears of course

Brookie modeling her tinker bell hat

The usual picture in front at Disneyland

Brooklyn getting all dolled up at Bippity Boppity Boutique

Ashlyn getting all dolled up at Bippity Boppity Boutique

Brookie all finished practicing her princess wave

Ashlyn getting her fairy sparkle dust!

Ashlyn all finished and LOVED getting all done up like a princess!

Striking a pose!

Brooklyn posing like a princess 

Eeyore not knowing what to do after Parker gave him knuckles in the nose! :)

Meeting Minnie at her breakfast! 

Brooklyn tall enough and so proud to go on Splash Mountain

Ashlyn LOVED California Screamin...her new favorite ride

Meeting Mickey