Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe we have been married for 6 years now... wow time flies! I just seems like yesterday we were headed to Burley to meet up and fall in love. But here we are, this past year has been crazy but not matter what we seem to always be there for each other. :) I just want to tell Brandon how grateful I am for him. He is everything to me, I love him more and more each day. He makes me laugh when I need to, he is the shoulder I cry on, the hand to guide me, and my rock in everything else. I don't know what I would do without him. I love watching you with our girls, you are such a fun daddy! Thank you dear for being so wonderful!

Us watching the fountain show!

So we decided to go on an anniversary trip to Las Vegas (where we went on our hunny moon) to get away for a few days. Boy was it needed, we have never left Ashlyn or Brooklyn so this was the first night(s) ever without kids in 3 1/2 years...yep! This trip was much needed especially when we have our 3rd baby on the way. :) So Brandon had this trip planned for quite sometime and little did I know he had some pretty awesome surprises too! We walked off the airplane and there was a man holding a sign "Read, B." I was totally suriprised! He had a limo take us to and from the airport! I had never been in a limo so that was super fun. We stayed at the beautiful Bellogio. We went and watched "O" the first night we were there. It was spectacular as always! And this time we made sure to check out the restraunt menu before hand. (No more eating tripe!!) So we went to a place called Sensi, it was delicious!! And the desert was so cool gellato in a cool ice sculpture! Anyhow then the last night we were there we saw "Phantom of the Opera." It was so good! I loved every moment of it. We sat right under the chandellier so when it fell it was literally falling on us. It was so incredibly nice to get away together and just be us for a few days! I really loved every minuet that we had together, it made me miss the feeling of when we were first married and helped me to keep that feeling always there. Thank you my dear for planning it and making our anniversary so wonderful! I love you!

The Bellogio where we stayed! :)

Our awesome gellato desert, so yummy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

So, surprise, we're pregnant with number 3! This Saturday Brandon and I decided that I was late enough to justify a pregnancy test. Since my health stuff has been a little weird, my doc took me off birth control a few months ago. We have been super careful, because we weren't intending to try for quite some time. But apparently the Lord had different plans for us, and the test said prego! After we got over the initial shock and questioning how on earth this happened, we were super excited. We feel like the baby is going to be a great blessing in our life. Brandon and I are both really hoping for a boy this cross your fingers!

I decided I wanted to tell my family in a fun way; so I put a #1 on Ashlyn's stomach, a #2 on Brooklyn's stomach, and a #3 on my stomach. As you can see from the video, my family didn't quite catch on to what we were trying to tell them?!? Notice Ashlyn telling everyone that she IS NOT pregnant, but she will be getting married! Oh man, how could we handle another girl??