Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dance Recital

Ashlyn all dolled up and ready for her recital!

Her favorite part in her dance! So cute!

Last weekend Ashlyn had her dance recital. She did so awesome! She had so many people there to watch her it was really great. I think one of her favorite parts is getting all dolled up to go. It's what I love to do too...what's more fun than dressing up your little girl?! After she was done doing her dance she had to sit with all the other dancers to watch everyone do their dances. She would dance crazy to all the songs, she was quite the entertainer. Then my little sister, Alexa, was in 3 of the dances. She did great! Alexa got her 10 year award and was so excited. Ashlyn of course couldn't keep herself off the stage and had to go up with her. Good job to both Alexa and Ashlyn you did awesome!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ashlyn's Birthday!

Ashlyn posing in her birthday outfit!!

Getting her nails and toes done for the party!!

I can't believe Ashlyn is 4!! Seems like just the other day she was born. She is a true blessing in our lives. She is such a fun loving, happy, beautiful little girl! She is so loving towards her sister and sure has the motherly instinct in her. She keeps us so busy but we love every minuet of it.
Some our favorite things she does or says;

1. Always asking to eat at "Chicken and Rice" a.k.a Panda Express
2. Her WILD imagination! Including all your many imaginary friends and all the places you go
3. Wanting to watch Michael Jim with mom and dad (The Office)
4. In her sweetest voice helping Brookie with whatever she needs
5. Loves anything Princess, Pink, or Girlie
6. Your sweet little giggle
7. How you are liking to say big words like; apparently, supposubly, and especially
8. When she sings your Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, or Jonas Brothers songs
9. Whenever you ask her where do you want to go? Always says, "The Popcorn Store" which is
10. Every night wanting asking, "Mommy with you cuddle with me?" Then as she falls asleep
rubs my arm. It's so sweet!
11. She likes to be called Sweetheart not Ashlyn
12. Randomly throughout the day saying I love you followed with a hug and a kiss!

Minnie Mouse birthday cake
Pin the bow on Minnie game

We had fun watching you at your birthday party. Playing with your friends and all your facial expressions while opening your presents. We love you!!