Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We love Christmas time at our house we decorate way too early and do so many fun things throughout the season! This year I decided to do with our Christmas advent calendar to have the girls do something fun each day of December until Christmas. They loved it! Then we also got the opportunity through Brandon's work to participate in their night of giving. So we got to go as a family and shop for 3 little girls. The girls were around my girls ages so they got really excited to help pick out a new outfit, a toy, and one other thing that they each needed. Ashlyn especially was so into it. We picked it all out then went back to his work and wrapped it all up and put it in a big "Santa-like" bag to take to the families. Ashlyn was kinda bummed she didn't get to deliver it herself but she was so very excited to give the little girls Christmas presents. I hope we can do this as a family every year it sure made us realize how blessed we are!

We were able to go up to Boise for just 3 short days and see our family before Christmas. We enjoyed our time with all of them and are very thankful for all that they do for us and for such wonderful family!  The kiddos got to do our traditional cookie bake at my moms house then we did our secret santa gifts with my family and a big yummy dinner. Parker got this really cute truck to sit on with tools and blocks, he just loves it! Then the next day we spent with Brandon's family its so nice to be able to get along and spend time with family! We did our usual Christmas eve day with them even though it was a day early for us to get back to Utah. We had good fun with singing carols, eating dinner, opening gifts, and talking. What a wonderful start to all the Christmas festivities! The kiddos loved playing with all their cousins, they miss them so much!

Ashlyn and Carson making cookies at cookie bake!

Brookie into her cookie decorating

Parker Boy say cheese!

All us Bailey girls!! 

Opening at Grandma Baileys

Parker and Daddy checking out the cool new tractor

The boys playing phone games! Looks like they are having a blast

Grandpa Read reading the Christmas story 

Brooklyn and her new baby

Ashlyn super excited about her easy bake oven

Christmas morning! Look what Santa left ?!

Yeah for Christmas!

Ashlyn's lalaloopsy doll!

Parker said "Car" for the first time when he opened up his car!

Helping put together his car track!

Santa's key to come in since we don't have a fireplace! (He mailed it from the North Pole and the girls opened it on Christmas Eve to leave on the door knob to let him in)

Santa's footprints!

Brookie Boo and her feeding baby!! She is just in love with baby dolls, its so cute!
We then left early Christmas Eve morning to come back home to spend Christmas as a family. The girls were so excited!! We did some fun Christmas activities then got all ready for Santa to come. We opened pajamas, set out milk and cookies, read a Christmas story by the tree, and then watched a movie on Christs birth. The girls must have been super tired because they went to bed early which was nice considering the things we had to put together and do. :) The next morning Ashlyn woke up and went and peeked to see what Santa had brought then came running in "Mom Dad!! Santa came!!" (Usually Brandon and I wake up before them and wait around until they wake up) so we all then had a wonderful Christmas morning opening presents. Then I made for the first year scones (just like my mom always makes on Christmas morning) and a big breakfast. The whole day was spent as a family just hanging out! Now we are totally addicted to the xbox kinect Disneyland game. Our Christmas has been wonderful! I am so very thankful for my sweet family and for such a loving husband! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Dance Recitals

Brooklyn's Dance Recital

My sweet Brookie and me

Santa came to watch the Christmas dance recital!

Ashlyn's school class after their Christmas song!

Ashlyn's Christmas dance recital

Always posing! 
This year the girls Christmas dance recitals were so cute! Their teachers are just so darling with them! So we had  all in one day; Brooklyn's dance recital, Ashlyn's school music program, and Ashlyn's dance recital. They both did so good in their dances!! It was a crazy busy day but nice to have it all done! :)


My Mom and me doing the traditional Thanksgiving rolls!

Getting excited to ride the train 

At the "North Pole" with Grandma Read

Sitting on Santa's lap...Parker not liking it so much! 

Telling Santa what they all want for Christmas!
Thanksgiving was great this year! We went up to Boise to spend it with all of our family. We had Thanksgiving dinner with Brandons family on Wednesday then on Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It was special this year at my families house because we were all together it had been two years since we all were together. It was so great to get together with all of our family and spend lots of time with them! Black Friday was always great with kicking it off at good old Sharis for breakfast with my fam then off to shop for the day! On Saturday we went on the Holiday express train to see Santa and the North Pole. It was so much fun the kiddos got to ride on a train for the first time. Which Brooklyn was in heaven! Parker even loved sitting there looking out the train window. The got to play with cousins on the ride and then Santa came and sat down with them and asked what they each wanted for Christmas and talked to them a little bit. It was so cute! Ashlyn jumped right in and said all she wanted but Brooklyn was a little more hesitant. Luckily the only was she would get close to Santa or talk to him is by sitting or talking to Mrs. Claus, luckily she was there too! :) Parker....well he wasn't too thrilled to sit on Santa's lap! Maybe next year. We had just so much fun with our families! It was a great Thanksgiving!