Friday, June 10, 2011

When it rains it pours!

So the other day was quiet eventful! There was the craziest storm I have ever seen. The rain and hail came down in buckets and then to make it even more exciting to watch the storm was the thunder and lightning. I've never seen so much lightning in my life I almost thought there was a war going on close by it would constantly light up the sky for a couple hours this went on. The girls and I just watched through the window thinking thank goodness we have a home! :) As we were watching it we were amazed at all the water filling up the street and by our sliding door hoping that the pooling water wouldn't come in through the door. We went to sleep and when we woke our master bedroom...the floor was all wet from the window wall to the middle of the room! Oh fun the water seeped in through the foundation! So we have a big fan drying out the carpet. It is so loud and the guy that came to pull up the carpet and put the fan in said it has to stay on constantly until Monday! Oh fun :) Well to continue weird things happening, on Brandon's way home from work that night he realized the one tire was making a funny noise and pulled off the side of the freeway and saw a huge lag bolt and hole in our tire! So luckily he had a budding in a car behind him and stopped and helped him change to the spare! I hope that is all of the weird things! I guess when it rains it pours right?!

On a happier note Tyson gets back from his mission in 8 days!!!! We can not wait!! :)