Monday, May 4, 2009

Ashlyn is 3!

I can't believe my princess is alread 3 years old! It seems just like the other day she was born. She has blessed my life in so many ways. I love being her mom. Some cute things about her; when falling asleep she will snuggle as close as she can to me kick one leg on top of me and rub my arm until she falls asleep, she has TONS of immaginary friends that we play with and talk to, loves all the disney princesses and likes to play pretend princess where I am Sleeping Beauty she is Cenderella and Daddy is Prince Charming usually putting on dresses and going to the ball is a daily thing for us, randomly throughout the day will say "I love you momma!", doesn't call me mommy anymore it's Momma, and loves her sister so much. Those are just a few obviously but I am so grateful to be her mom.

We first had a little party with Cooper on Friday. It's so cute the friendship that they have since they were just babies until now. Its really fun to watch them grow up together. Then on her birthday we had a big party with all the family. All 28 people for a BBQ and cake! I made her a fun birthday tutu. She was very so excited when she would open every present it was really cute! Of course the family knew exactly what she loves and that is ANYTHING princess! She is in love with all the princesses! She really wanted a pink DS game but we thought she was a little young to have one of those so she got a leapster game that is pink and has a little pen so she thinks it her DS. But her big present was a bike and Brandon made this huge box that looked like a house to hide the bike and then when it was time for her to open it I just lifted it up. Being a typical kid she saw me lift the box up and watched it go away and wondered why we were taking her box house away she wanted to play inside! Then turned around a realised there was a bike, she started jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face. It was so much fun to watch her! I hope she had a wonderful princess birthday, I love her so much!