Monday, June 21, 2010

Brooklyn's 2!!

I can't believe my little baby is 2! We threw her a little party in our new place the day after we moved in. It was small but sweet. :) She was just so excited she got a little bike to stay up with big sister. Brooklyn is our little gremlin, she is always being silly or getting into something. She has such a sweet happy little personality! She is starting to talk so much more...and she is loud! I think she decided if she is going to be heard over her big sis then she has to talk really loud and a lot. It's darling how she just wants to be just as big and do everything Ashlyn does. She absolutely loves any fruit and will do anything for chocolate. (I think she gets the chocolate thing from her mom) She is just in love with her baby dolls, yes 2, she has to take them everywhere lately. I am beginning to wonder if she will have twins some day because she already has the two baby thing down. She loves planes, being outside, talking on the phone, and cuddling. My very favorite thing is her sweet little voice when she's tired saying, "Cowdle mama?! I wuv vu!" Then as I cuddle her to sleep she has to hold my hand while I tickle her palm! I think it's so sweet and very coincidental that I too had to hold hands and have my palm tickled when I was around her age to go to sleep! :) She is just so much fun and I am so thankful to be her mom! She keeps me smiling every day! Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sky Diving!!

All suited up and ready to go!

Brandon coming in for his landing

Dad coming in for his landing

"Let's do that again! That was AWESOME!"

So for my Dad's 50th Birthday my mom surprised him with SKY DIVING!! My mom didn't want him to go alone so Brandon was the lucky one to go along with him for kind of a belated birthday present also. All day he had no idea other than he had a surprise coming and we were leaving at 4:00 for it. Brandon kept telling him it's going to blow your mind! It took a bit to drive out there the whole way he had no idea until we came over the hill where the skydiving place was and he yelled, "I'm going skydiving!!!" Way excited they both jumped out of the car, watched the lovely safety video, and signed their lives away happily. While being suited up both of them couldn't keep from was really cute! They kept looking at each other, like we are really doing this, this is awesome! :) So away they went! Dad jumped first (since it was his b-day surprise) and then Brandon jumped. It was so cool to watch them come down safely. I had been a nervous wreck all day for this! :) While they were up in the plane Brooklyn kept saying, "Daddy plane up! Gampa plane up!" It was cute she knew what was going on too. The entire family watched them land then ran over to them. Both Dad and Brandon, still having the same huge smile on, immediately said would do it again! I'm so glad they got to go skydiving!