Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Much Needed Update!!

This has been one crazy and busy two months!! I am so thankful for this time of year and the Christmas spirit that is around. I am so thankful for so many things this year! Some years are bumpy like this one and some years you don't ever want to end. But never the least you can always cound on your family and close friends! :)

Christmas was so much fun the girls are so into it. I was just so giddy and excited this year too, its funny how as a parent you can get that excited for your kids. Christmas Eve we spent with The Reads. We had a wonderful time; a delicious dinner, lots of talking, the beautiful Christmas carols that are sung (one of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve), and just being together. As we got home opened traditional PJ's which Brooklyn slept through it was much too late for her, so her sweet sister opened hers then gently placed them by her while she was alseep. Then Ashlyn too excited for bed watched many xmas movies until finally giving up at 1:00 yes 1:00 AM!!

Christmas morning came VERY fast for Brandon and I but so worth it. We heard the girls stir and we up and so excited. So Ashlyn was estatic that she got a Barbie and princess barbie. While Brooklyn spotted her new baby in a stroller and imediatly, being the crazy girl she is, starting driving it everywhere all over the presents and all. It was hard to get them to stop playing with each new thing to open to next but eventually they did and loved every minuet and present they recieved!

Christmas afternoon we spent with the Baileys! We went over and had traditional yummy scons and family games and fun! At 2:00 we got a call from Elder TYSON Bailey!!! We all were so thrilled to hear his voice....he has an accent! Yep and sounds so grown up, it was great to talk to him over the phone. So then the rest of the day was just family filled good times at the Bailey house! :) Thanks to all the family for such a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jordan is gone!

Earlier this month Brandon decided to get crazy and randomly list his truck for fun. Well like two days later someone asked him full price and Brandon of course not passing that up it was sold. Don't worry he being the car guy that he is, already had his eye on something in Seattle. So the boys decided to make it a last guys trip before Jordan left so Brandon, Jordan, and my Dad flew out in the morning then drove back that night. Good times!

So December 16th we took Jordan into the MTC! Crazy I am so close with him that it was hard seeing him go but I know its exactly what he needs in his life. And he had made the right decision of going and serving the Lord. So it was way different than dropping Tyson up. We had a car pass to get into the parking lot, pulled up to our number by the sidewalk, jumped out of the car, car him as many hugs as we could, took a few pics, and they said ok we will take care of him! And off he went pulling his suitcases into the MTC. We drove off thinking holy cow they weren't kidding when they changed it to "curbside" drop off! But we knew he was in good hands.

We love you Jordan good luck! You will be an amazing missionary! :)