Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

Our fun Spring Break Surprise Fun Jar!

Picnic Time!

Parker playing at the park

The girls after their sleepover at the park

They love going to Build a Bear
So this was our 1st official Spring Break and so I wanted to do something super fun. So I made a Spring Break Surprise Fun Jar! Each day they got to pull out a stick and it said something fun to do. So we did things like go to the park, play at Kangaroo Zoo, have Kenedee sleepover, go on a picnic, and the last and final thing was to go to Build a Bear! They loved picking out the surprise each day and were pretty sad when the week was over. I think this will be our little spring break tradition. :) Here are a few pics of our fun week!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!
All ready for church!

Brandon's beautiful egg :)

Ashlyn putting sparkles on her egg!

Easter morning so excited that the Easter Bunny came! 

Brooklyn happy to see the easter bunny came! (yes she slept in her clothes) 
This Easter was really nice! The Easter bunny came and left a jelly bean trail to find their things. Parker was so funny he was trying to step on all the jelly beans as they were on their hunt. The girls loved it and thought just like the movie "Hop" that the Easter bunny pooped out jelly beans to make the trail for them! We were able to have a nice time at church then a big Easter Brunch after. My brothers and sister joined in on the fun Easter brunch, since they are down here in Utah too. We all had a great time celebrating Easter together. We feel so blessed at this time of year for all the things the Savior has done for us. I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life and to be able to teach my kids the importance of our Savior and all He did for each one of us.