Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Interesting Family Scripture Time

So the other night when we were reading scriptures Ashlyn thought that since we take turns saying prayer we should take turns reading scriptures too. So we said ok and she opened the Book of Mormon and started off pretty good, saying and it came to pass...she talked about Lehi and Nephi in the wilderness and some other things from her memory that actually were right. Then it went down hill from there she said, "And then it came to pass that Santa came in his sleigh to meet Jesus in the manger with his reindeer." Ummm thats when I realized oh boy she is a little confused!! Or maybe a lot confused so we had to tell her that Santa is not in the scriptures and that there weren't reindeer at the manger with Jesus when he was born! She continued with a whole story on Santa and Nephi in the sleigh in the wilderness. We helped her understand the two different stories and she caught on after that. I would have to say her story was quite entertaining and love that she wanted to read the scriptures by herself. Oh man the things kids do and say! :)


Alex and Kimberly Rasmussen said...

This is funny. . .you should of let her keep going to see who else she brought into the picture. I can understand how that would be confusing. You tell stories from the scriptures and you tell stories about Santa, why not combine the two LOL-

The Manwarings said...

That is hilarious.