Monday, February 11, 2013

Parker Boy is Potty Trained!

Parker thinks he has super powers now with his new big boy underware! 

Isn't that the cutest little bum you have ever seen?! 
So I am a little behind on my blog updates but in January after things settled down and after the holidays it was time to potty train Parker! I was a little scared because I have heard boys are harder than girls are at potty training. And both my girls were super easy! So I started on a Wednesday, when he woke up I had thrown out all his diapers. He noticed right away too which was funny I told him all gone you get to go on the big boy potty now! He was a little unsure but he went with it thank goodness! :) He did great the first 2 days he had lots of accidents figuring it out which I had expected would happen. We still did our normal day to day things just went and tried to go potty every 15 min. By Saturday evening he had figured it out!! He now was down to just a little accident on Saturday and Sunday. I was amazed he did awesome! It did take a couple more days for him to figure out #2 on the potty but after that we were golden! I was expecting about 2 weeks until he was all trained but it only took him one I was so proud of him! Now we are a diaper free house!! YEAH! :)