Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas Time!!

Modeling their new Christmas pajamas!

Setting milk and cookies out for Santa

Just peeked at the tree waiting to see what all Santa left them!

Opening stocking first!

Brookie Boo got a baby diaper bag

All stacked up and ready to open her presents

So excited to open all her presents

Parker and his Ninja Turtle with matching mask for him too!

Brooklyn got a big girl scooter

Ashlyn so excited she got her MaKenna doll!

My girlies! :)

Parker Boy was so much fun this year!

Brookie and her new baby!! This girl loves dolls!

Picture perfect with his new Woody!

Opening presents from Grandpa and Grandma Bailey

So in love with her McKenna

In her element of playing dolls!

"All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!!"

Helping Daddy put together his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Christmas Movie at the theater!
Oh how I love Christmas!! The kids were so excited when we got back last night (well early this morning) that we all snuggled in bed and slept really late on Christmas Eve which was fine by me! We had a fun day with painting a little nativity set we got them and just hanging out as a family getting ready for Santa to come! We made and decorated cookies for Santa! The evening came and the kiddos were just so excited they couldn't wait! We started our Christmas Eve off with the Christmas story the kids love hearing about baby Jesus. Then we opened up our traditional Christmas Eve Pajamas put our Santa Key on the front door for him to come in and set the milk and cookies out! It took a while for the kiddos to settle down while we watched their favorite Christmas movie of this year Prep and Landing but they actually fell asleep earlier than normal which was super nice! :) Christmas morning came and Brooklyn was the first one up super excited and went and peeked down the stairs before we were awake and all the sudden we hear, "Ash Ash...Pawker got a Ninja Turtle!! I saw it already! Santa didn't even wrap it!" So we all woke up with that which is just the perfect way to wake up on Christmas morning!! :) Brandon got the cameras ready and went down before us all to watch their reaction to seeing what Santa left. I love how magical Christmas is! The looks on my  kids faces are just priceless! So opened presents and enjoyed our morning together! Ashlyn got her Makenna doll she was hoping to get, Brooklyn got her baby doll and big girl scooter she was wanting, and Parker got his Woody and cars that he was just ecstatic about! We had our traditional Christmas breakfast scones, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit! The whole day we just loved being together playing as a family! We took the kids to Monsters Inc. since it was playing in the theater (One of Parkers favorite movies) and ate dinner while watching it. The kids thought that was just awesome! We are so thankful for the blessing of family and for the Christmas spirit we feel while celebrating the birth of our Savior! Merry Christmas!!