Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UVU Cheer/Dance Clinic

My little cheer girlies!

Ashlyn during her dance part
Brooklyn starting her dance part!

Brooklyn, Ashlyn , and Kensley...cute friends! 

With the green guys from the UVU drum band 
The girls were so excited for this dance/cheer clinic! The UVU dancers and cheerleaders put it on. So during the clinic I stayed and watched and the girls had just finished learning their dance and the cheerleaders were going to teach them so simple tumbling moves like summer salts, toe touches, and cartwheels...things I thought Brooklyn would totally get into and love since she taught herself to do a cartwheel last summer. So all of the sudden she walks over and sits down next to me and tells me she doesn't want to do that stuff. I asked why you are good at the cartwheels go show them you can do it. She turns to me and says, "Mom I already know how and I am better than all of them so I don't want to do it!" I was thinking wow that's really confident of you but I had no idea that was what she was going to say! :) So as soon as they were done with the tumbling part she got back up and went to finish doing the clinic. I didn't know what to think of it maybe she just needed a break. Anyhow so the clinic was on Thursday then the next Monday they got to perform their routine at half time at the UVU game. They were so excited. They did AWESOME!! I am so proud to watch my girls do things that they have learned and are proud of themselves with! I loved Brooklyn's huge smile she had on the entire time performing. I loved how Ashlyn gets into her dance with so much personality!