Monday, February 6, 2012

We had a special visitor come!!

The cheesiest smile excited to lose her first tooth! 

All ready for the tooth fairy to come!
Ashlyn lost her 1st tooth! It had been loose for a little bit so we knew by the way it was just dangling in her mouth that it was just a matter of time. She woke up and wiggled it for just a minute and out it came!! She was SOOO excited! :) She had been waiting for this to happen. So she set it on the dresser for it to be kept safe from little hands.  Well her OCD mom didn't know it was there and was cleaning and knocked it onto the floor!! We spent so long looking for it, then we decided to vacuum and sure enough we found it! Thank goodness! Well on the way to the kitchen to put it in a baggie for another safe keeping she dropped it and we had to find it again! Luckily this time it was an easy find, we made sure it was in the baggie tightly closed for the rest of the day for the tooth fairy to come. While she was at school I made her a tooth fairy pillow for each time she looses a tooth. She was so excited to go to sleep and have the tooth fairy come visit her. Sure enough she came with a little bit a fairy dust from the widow to her tooth pillow and a brand new dollar bill! Ashlyn was ecstatic when she woke up the next day! :)