Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

We had such a fun filled Valentines Day! The kiddos woke up and each got a little love present from Brandon and me! They were so excited! We started the day with some heart cinnamon rolls. Then off to school for Ashlyn. I was able to go help at the Valentines party at school. It's so much fun being involved with her school things! She got to give out her Barbie Valentines. So cute watching her with her friends at school. :) Then the girls had been asking for weeks to have a neighborhood Valentines Day party. So right after school all the kiddos from our street came to party! We started by playing some Love Pictionary with heart shaped crayons (the girls made the night before), then we played Balloon Ping Pong, then treat time which the girls picked heart peanut butter and honey sandwiches, fruit punch, heart cookies, apples, and red jello! :) They had this so planned out it was cute helping them get it all together and put on the party for their friends. After snacks we busted out some music and ended the party with some awesome dance moves! :)  The girls got some love in the mail too! Great Grandpa Messinger and Great Grandma Bonnie sent them sweet Valentines notes and Grandma and Grandpa Bailey sent all of us some YUMMY chocolate covered strawberries, the best I have ever had!! Then to top off the wonderful day Brandon came home from work with some gorgeous flowers for me! I just love my sweet little family so much! Happy Valentines Day!

Good Morning Love Bugs!

My little Sweethearts!
All the kiddos at our party! :)

The yummy food!

My pretty flowers from my sweetheart!

My cute friends Betsy and Kristen! Love these girls! :)
I almost forgot the Saturday before Valentines Brandon and all the husbands decided to make a nice dinner for all of us girls. There was a total of 20 of us! We went up to our friends cabin in Park City (this house was just beautiful) and the fellas all made a delicious dinner with everything you could think of and for desert chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake. After dinner we all chatted, goofed around, the boys threw some blue darts around (yes they seriously did that at our age), and we laughed so much! I don't think I have laughed that hard in so long!! Thanks for such an awesome night friends! I'm so glad we have such fun awesome friends!