Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some happenings around the Read home!

So these past about two weeks we have had quite a few great things happen! First and for most Brandon got a wonderful job that he is really excited about! We feel so very blessed to have this opportunity come our way. He is now working for GoYo Media and is the VP of sales.

This is like the perfect fit for him and his personality. I am so very proud of him and what a wonderful husband, provider, and father he is! So it looks like we will be in Utah for quite a bit longer than we had originally planned. But we are totally ok with that we really love our neighborhood and the friendships that we have made and the ward is great for an extra bonus!

Ashlyn lost another tooth! Yep another one she was wiggling it and it probably had another week or so before it would have fallen out by itself but she kept wiggling it, then went into brush her teeth for the night and ran out totally excited with the tooth in her hand! Now she looks so old with her two bottom teeth missing!

I finally got eyelash extensions, I have wanted them for like a year and a half and finally decided to just do it. So I was totally excited and way happy with how they turned out! But the next morning apparently I am somewhat allergic to the glue that is used to put them on. So I had puffy, red, itchy eyes for a couple of days with a horrible sinus much fun! Now its all calmed down I really like them! :) Another crazy thing I did was I actually ran for the first time in like, well lets see, since I had Ashlyn almost 6 years ago! Yep I know kinda amazing but it felt pretty good I was quite surprised. Just a little sore! :)

My sweet little Brooklyn is growing up so fast right now. I was just looking through some old pictures and how darling of a little toddler she was! She is becoming such a sweet little girl! She is constantly wanting to play with her friends in the neighborhood which is so great for her to have her own little friends. And I love watching her play baby dolls. She said to me the other day, "Mommy can I be a Mommy like you now? I want to for real life!" I said of course you can to your babies. Her response was, " No I want to be a real mommy with real babies!" She just is so into them and they are so real to her it's so cute! Another cute thing she said while we were watching her favorite movie Little Mermaid, "Mommy can my name be Little Merdmaid (that's how shes says Mermaid) ?" So for the rest of the day I had to call her Little Mermaid! :)

My sweet Parker boy is now 18 months I can't believe it he is getting so big and starting to talk like crazy! I love how happy he is constantly and how fun it is to have a boy in our house! He makes boys sounds for his toys and cars and he is gross and totally messy just like boys are supposed to be! So we are adjusting to his messes but we love the mess at the same time! He loves his footballs! And is starting to play catch with Brandon. Brandon still has high hopes for him to be his left-handed far he is left-handed and loves to throw. He is so sweet, my favorite thing he does is his dancing its so funny! He spreads his feet as far apart as they can go then moves his arms up and down while moving his head back and forth. It looks way funnier than it sounds! And some of my favorite words he says are Mee Mou for Mickey Mouse and when he goes to sleep for the night he HAS to give everyone in kisses and hugs then say Night Night Love You! Its so sweet! He is just such a fun sweet handsome little boy! We are loving every minute of him!

I think that is about all that's been going on at our house! Life is so full of wonderful things when you get to be a mom! I just love every minute of every day!