Monday, February 15, 2010

So these past couple months have been crazy to say the least, but this past week Brandon got the most overwhelming feeling that he needed to go back to school. Yes school! We felt like this was our answer to our prayers! Since he was laid off back in November we have been searching and praying for what to do and what job to take. This was actually a huge relief to know the direction that we need to go, especailly for Brandon. We went down to BYU middle of last week and he met with the admissions office and they will accept him back...yeah! :) He is so happy with the decision and frankly so am I. It will help with his career path change and help change our future for the better. He is first finishing up his undergraduate degree in Business Management, and then doing to do the MBA program at the Marriott School. I am very excited for him - I know he will do great at school because, lets face it, he has a huge dome with lots of brains. (inside joke for Jordan) So our plan is to move down to the Provo area, I am hoping not in Provo, more like American Fork/Spanish Fork I don't know somewhere family oriented for me and the kiddos to adjust better. I already know it will be hard being away from my family but I know it's what we need to do for our future. We are so grateful for this direction we are going and for how the Lord answers prayers.